Game’s development at youth level the key for QFA: Fahad Thani

DOHA: The development of the sport at the youth level will drive Qatar Football Association’s (QFA) future ambitions, Fahad Thani said.

Fahad Thani, Director of Football Development at QFA, said: “We have a number strategies and we work tirelessly to achieve our goals. Having
plans and executing them well is what we set out to achieve.”

He added: “We welcome ideas from sources possible, be it the media or an average football fan but at the end of the day, we work on that
will help us develop our great sport.”

Fahad Thani was talking to members of the local media.

“Having a plan is one thing. Following up on those plans is another. We cover our bases well,” Thani said.

“Yes, we have big challenges because we have big dreams,” he said.

“We know that when we start something, we have to finish it as per our desired goals,” he said.

He said QFA has underlined a series of age-related events that will help young players pick up the lessons ‘quickly and efficiently’.

“At QFA, we have a shared responsibility. That’s how we operate,” he said.

“We cooperate with all sports bodies operating in Qatar and especially with the Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC),” he said.

Thani said the guidelines laid out by the Ministry of Culture and Sports is being followed carefully by QFA’s planning teams.

The QFA official said club participating is also an integral part of QFA’s plans.

“The QSL sides will definitely help us in developing youth football. There’s no question about that,” he said.

“When clubs have quality youth football projects, the standards of play in Qatar Stars League (QSL) automatically improves,” he said.

Thani said QFA also follows the development guidelines issued by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

“One of our targets is to improve the player base. Once we do that – and I am confident that we will do it – Qatar football will rise further,” he said.

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