Level C coaching course concludes in Doha

DOHA: A Level C coaching course, conducted in cooperation between the
Qatar Football Association (QFA) and the Asian Football Confederation
(AFC), has concluded, details showed on Tuesday.

More than 20 participants registered for the course, QFA has said,

Mazen Marwa headed the lectures at the course which also saw extensive
use of theoretical video sessions.

Fahad Thani, Director of Development, QFA, was joined by Mohammed
Ghanem Al Rumaihi and Fahad Fakhroo, at the course.

Fahad Thani applauded the efforts of QFA and AFC to conduct the course
for the benefit of those keen to provide technical assistance to the
growth of the sport in Qatar.

“I am heartened to see the enthusiasm of the participants. The energy
and youthful exuberance witnessed in this workshop was amazing, ”
Fahad Thani said.

“I urge more football fans to come forward and make use of the
opportunity presented by this session. It is essential to learn the
game from the best people,” he said.

“We are on the right path. This is the way forward. I am sure you’d be
hearing more from us,” he said.

“The game’s development depends on how well we execute our plans. QFA
is doing a wonderful job and I am confident the trend will continue,”
he said.

Mazen Marwa was also thanked for his role as a lecturer.

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