QFA honours referees at end of season ceremony

DOHA: The Qatar Football Association (QFA) on Sunday honoured

staff members of the Referees Committee at a special ceremony

following the conclusion of the 2016-17 football season.

The event, held at Radisson Blu, was attended by Mansoor

Al Ansari, Secretary General of QFA, Hani Taleb Balan, member of

the Executive Committee of QFA, Naji Juwaini, Executive Director

of the Referees Committee, and Fahd Thani, Director of Development

Department, among a host of other officials.

The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy

Quran. Then the Qatari national anthem was played followed by

a speech by Hani Taleb Balan.

During the speech, Ballan thanked the President of QFA for the

great support in all areas throughout the season.

The ceremony began with the honoring of Fahd Thani for the

cooperation between the Referees Committee and the Development


In a good gesture, all the attendees were honored. The late

Shandrot Mousa, who worked for the referees department, was

also honored.

Hassan Abdullah Mulla, Mohammed Abdel-Alim, Nayef Al-Qadri,

Mashary Al-Shammari, Khalid Ayed and Abdul Aziz Al-Yafi’i were

also honoured.

The management of the Referees Committee also honored the

principals of schools who cooperated with QFA during the

regular football season.

A long list of officials of the Referees Committee were also honoured.

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