QFA, Mauritania sign cooperation agreement

DOHA: Qatar and Mauritania have agreed to
enhance football relations in the coming years,
it was announced on Monday.

QFA President Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin
Ahmed Al Thani met with Ahmed Yahia, President
of the Mauritanian Football Federation, on

Yahia praised Qatar’s Aspire Academy saying
the world’s largest indoor sports academy was
providing the perfect platform to help young
athletes chase their sports dreams.

Yahis also applauded Qatar’s FIFA World Cup
preparations, saying the entire Arab world
would benefit from the 2022 edition.

During their meeting, the two officials discussed
ways and means to develop football in the two

The two parties later signed a series of documents
to underline key areas of development.

Yahia was later shown around Al Bidda Tower, the
home of football in Qatar. He also visited the Aspire
Academy, the Qatar Stars League Management offices
and headquarters of Jusoor Institute.

Yahia said: “I have made a wonderful visit to Doha
and although I am aware of the level of football
development in Qatar, I was surprised and impressed
by what I saw. The preparations related to WC 2022
are at the highest level of professionalism, which signifies
the hosting of a perfect version of the 2022 World Cup.”

He added: “There is no doubt that there will be a great
deal of benefit to us when we develop our football with
help from Qatar. Qatar’s experience, both in terms of
sport facilities, stadiums and football development is amazing.”

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