QFA President attends Emir Cup draw ceremony

DOHA: QFA President Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed

on Sunday attended the Emir Cup draw ceremony and predicted

the 45th edition of the tournament would be a memorable event.

The Emir Cup football final will be played on May 19, the QFA

President said during his speech at Shangri-La Hotel.

“The fans can expect fierce competition from the participating

teams as the club players and the coaches are doing everything

they can to prepare well for this popular football event,” the

QFA President said.

“With just one month to go in this season, the public is now

turning their attention to the Emir Cup,” he said.

“The teams and their players will have to up the ante and

deliver strong performances to advance in this event.

“A couple of games of the Emir Cup have already been played

and we know the remaining matches will also witness intense

battles on the pitch,” he added.

“I am sure fans will get to see surprise results as all teams are

looking to win the Emir Cup,” he said.

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