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DOHA: Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al-Thani, President of the Qatar Football Association (QFA), on Saturday met with Massimo Busacca, Executive Director of the FIFA Refereeing Department, in Doha.

FIFA’s Referee Technical and Fitness Instructors Seminar ended on Friday. It was one of four referees seminar staged in Doha the last three weeks.

The meeting between QFA President and Busacca was attended by Hani Taleb Ballan, Chairman of the Referees Committee of the QFA. Ballan is also the Vice Chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee.

Mushtaq Al Waeli, Executive Director of the Institutional and Strategic Development Office of QFA, was also present.

The officials exchanged ideas and ways to develop refereeing in Qatar and around the Asian continent. The football officials also touched a number of topics related to the game.

Busacca thanked QFA for hosting the four referee’s seminars in such a short period of time. He also extended a vote of thanks from FIFA President Gianni Infantino to QFA “for working to develop football in the country and the region”.

Busacca also thanked the QFA President “for the great effort and support that was accorded to conduct the FIFA seminars successfully in Doha’.

The FIFA official noted that QFA remains committed in taking the game forward by hosting such seminars from time to time. He said the seminars were a massive success since a huge number of participants featured in the four seminars.

QFA President thanks the FIFA official for his kind words and high praise. He said QFA will continue to work for the betterment of the sport and its followers in the shape of fans, players and officials. The QFA President noted that the Qatar football authority continues to look for opportunities take the game forward.

The QFA President said the officials discussed a number of issues relating to future seminars that could be hosted in Qatar. The QFA President thanked FIFA for the support it provided by bringing the refereeing seminars to Qatar.

The officials exchanged souvenirs before posing for pictures.