QFA referees feature at Tunisian workshop

DOHA: With the start of the new football season just a few
weeks away, QFA and Qatar Stats League (QSL) referees are
featuring at the annually-held workshop in Tunisia.
According to details, 43 referees and assistant referees are
taking part at the August 4-28 workshop.
A group of international referees and lecturers are also
part of the workshop.
During the camp, the referees will prepare in match-like
situations besides attending fitness drills and video analysis
The latest rules and regulations will also be debated in
detail, a QFA official said on Monday.
During the workshop, Executive Director of the Referees
Committee of QFA Naji Al-Juwaini will be joined by experts
from Europe and Asian countries as well.
It is worth noting that four referees from the Oman Football
Federation are also part of the workshop.

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