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HONG KONG: Qatar’s 3-2 win on Wednesday has delighted coach Daniel
Carreno who said the team is moving in the right direction.

Qatar on Tuesday beat hosts Hong Kong to go top of Group C following a
hard-fought win at Mong Kok Stadium.

“I congratulate the players on a good performance,” Carreno said after
the match.

“The players put up a great fight,” the Uruguayan said.

“We managed to get the win we wanted. Getting those three points was
crucial,” Carreno said.

“When we play other games, every point matters. These three points
have given us the group lead,” he said.
“I noticed that the players were determined from the word go. They
wanted the three points and that showed in their performance,” Carreno

“I am pleased with the outcome as we scored three goals,” Carreno remarked.

When asked about Hong Kong’s fight in the last six minutes of the
match when they scored two goals,” Carreno said: “The players lost a
bit of focus. That’s why they allowed those goals.”

He added: “Overall we had a great game. We covered our bases well. It
was an outstanding performance under pressure.”

Qatar’s Ali Sadaalah said: :”I wanted to play the entire 90 minutes
but I was benched so that I don’t pick up an injury.”

“It was a great game, a great effort by all the players. We have been
keen to play like this – where we dominate and score goals.”

Qatar last week scored 15 goals against hapless Bhutan in Doha.