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07.11.2017 7:37 in :

DOHA: The Executive Board of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation (AGCFF) held a meeting at the Al Bidda Tower on Monday under the chairmanship of HE Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani.

General Secretary Jassim Al Rumaihi also was present in addition to representatives from Yemen, Oman, Iraq and Yemen.

The AGCFF officials discussed in detail the minutes of the previous meeting held in Doha where the draws of the 23rd Gulf Cup were conducted in September.

During the meeting on Monday, it emerged that AGCFF member countries Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain have been given a deadline to confirm their participation.

The Secretary-General of the AGCFF Jassim Al Rumaihi held a press conference after the meeting on Monday in which he stressed that Qatar is keen to host the tournament on time and in the presence of all eight teams.

“Qatar remains keen and committed in hosting the high profile tournament in a be-fitting manner,” Al Rumaihi said. He said Qatar were preparing to host the event by completing all arrangements well ahead of schedule.

“We back the hosting of this event which will be the first one to be held under the direct supervision of AGCFF which was formed recently,” he said.

“We have already addressed all the federations but we have not received responses from Bahrain, Saudi and the UAE football authorities,” he informed.