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16.07.2019 7:03 in :

DOHA: Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani, President of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation (AGCFF), chaired a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Arab football body.

Members of the Executive Committee Dr. Ibrahim Al Ansari, the new representative of the Kuwait Football Federation, Dr. Jassem Al-Shakieli (Oman), Tarek Ahmed (Iraq), Dr. Hameed Al-Sheibani (Yemen) and Dr. Ibrahim Al-Ansari (Kuwait) attended the meeting in addition to Jassim Al-Rumaihi General Secretary and Ahmed Al- Nuaimi Assistant General Secretary.

The meeting discussed a number of important topics, including the adoption of the date of the 24th Gulf Cup which will be held from November 27 to December 9 this year.

The amendments submitted by the Regulations Committee were also discussed and approved with further study to be approved in the near future.

The meeting discussed the nominations of the members of the judicial committees, which includes discipline and appeal in preparation for submission to the General Assembly for adoption.

The last Gulf Cup was held in Kuwait where Oman won the title.