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DOHA: Nene and Fahid Al Shammari – players of Qatar Stars League (QSL)
giants Al Gharafa -made a visit to Williams Advanced Engineering in
Qatar to experience cutting edge simulator technology and to lend
their support to the “One Second” Road Safety Campaign.

Williams Technology Centre in Qatar opened its doors to the stars of
Al Gharrafa football club on Monday for a look behind the scenes at
the only Formula One research and development facility outside Europe.

Nene and Fahid, fresh from their 5-4 victory over Al Ahli at the
weekend, took time out of their training schedule to lend their
support to the work Williams is delivering as part of the “One Second”
road safety campaign.

Williams Advanced Engineering has engineered and built a state of the
art simulator here in Qatar.

Taking over 12 months and 10,000 man hours to complete, the simulator
will provide students and young people throughout Qatar the
opportunity to experience a fully immersive driving experience, based
on the roads of Doha, to better understand the importance of correct
driving habits and road safety.

Fahid said: “I was amazed just how realistic the Williams simulator
is. It feels just like you’re driving along the streets in Doha. The
road conditions, traffic congestion and other virtual motorists
combine to make it an amazing experience.”

He added: “I can now see just what a valuable programme this is. The
“One Second” campaign is all about making young people more aware of
how dangerous our roads can be. In the simulator the instructor can
throw lots of distractions as you, which reminded me how important it
is to keep my concentration. It can only take a second to get into a
bad situation.”