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KUWAIT CITY: QFA’s Marketing and Communications Director Khaled Al Kuwari on Sunday attended the fourth and final media committee meeting of the 23rd Gulf Cup.

The media committee meeting was chaired by Sahli Sattam discussing various issues that came for debate.

Other regional marketing heads were also in attendance.

The media-related activities pertaining to the build-up of the Gulf Cup semifinals were also discussed in detail.

The diverse roles of the media persons covering the event was lauded. More than 300 print, TV and social media media people have attended the event.

Al Kuwari said: “We thank Kuwait for their great hospitality and professionalism in hosting this hugely popular event. The media coverage of the event has delighted all those who are present here. The Gulf Cup has become more popular because of this. We wish to take this amazing tournament to newer audiences in the future.”

Media recommendations would also be considered and debated for better overall improvement in the future, he said.

Al Kuwari said TV and Commericial rights were also discussed during the meeting.

“The role of the media is very important. It is because of the extensive coverage the Gulf Cup gets is what makes the event more popular. That’s why so many news agencies have come down to cover this prestigious event,” he said.

The Gulf Cup ends on January 5.