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27.11.2014 9:52 in :

DOHA:Qatar’s Gulf Cup victory is a result of proper and long-term

planning, and the work done by the Qatari football fraternity under

the patronage of HH Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani, the personal

representative of HH the Emir, Acting Chief Operations Officer of

QFA, Khalid Al Kuwari said.

The Qatari string claimed the regional title following a 2-1 win over Saudi

Arabia in Riyadh and the official said the national team, had received

complete support from state bodies, particularly the Qatar Football Association.

He expressed confidence that implementing proper planning will lead to

future successes, culminating in a strong national team that competes

in the upcoming 2015 Asian Cup set to take place in Australia.

He said: “They’ve played really well. The players have shown immense

talent on the pitch. They have shown great maturity during their matches.

They have passed the tests so far with flying colours.”