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22.09.2015 10:56 in :

DOHA: The Executive Committee of Qatar Football Association (QFA) has
issued Resolution No. (14) for 2015, after taking note of the list of
the Statute of the QFA which provided for the establishment of the
Competitions Committee set to be headed by Hamad Saleh Al Mannai.

In other new changes, Ahmed Al-Adsani of Qatar Stars League Management

will be the Vice-Chairman of the commitee with the membership ofAli Hamoud

al-Naimi, Ahmed Abbasi, Wajdi Bossrsar, Jassim Al Hail.

Here are the tasks of the new office-bearers:

1 Overseeing the proper functioning of competitions.
2 Preparation of annual calendars of various competitions.
3 Supervision of any other powers pledged to it by the QFA Executive Committee.
4 Make recommendations that are agreed upon by its members to the
Executive Committee for approval,