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25.10.2016 5:15 in :

The Competitions Committee of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation (AGCFF) held its first meeting today at the Qatar Football Association’s (QFA) headquarters in Al Bidda Tower.

The meeting was chaired by Hameed Al Sheibani, in the presence of the committee members Shibeeb Al Hosny, Khalid Al Migrin, Meshal Al Enezi, Abdul Reda Haqiqi, Ahmed Al Harami, and Hamad Al Mannai, Executive Director of Competitions Committee.

The inaugural meeting was attended by Jassim Al Rumaihi, Secretary General of AGCFF, who welcomed the competitions committee members and wished them success as they take on this important mission, and stressed the importance of achieving key milestones in the coming period.

The meeting aimed to discuss and review competitions regulations, as well as the future football calendar.

The meeting is also part of the AGCFF’s plans to implement and prepare all regulations which will be discussed with the General Secretariat, followed by the Executive Committee.

The AGCFF aims to focus on the development of the upcoming Gulf Cup, and other regional club tournaments organised to ensure the successful delivery of all tournaments.

It is worth mentioning that the previous period witnessed the formation of the various committees of the AGCFF, which include the Competitions Committee, headed by Hamid al-Shaibani; Referees Committee headed by Tariq Ahmed, Finance Committee Saleh Al Farisi; Legal Committee headed by Abdullah Al-Hayani and Marketing Committee headed by Mohammed Al Nowaiser.