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DOHA: A Level B training course for coaches, organized by the Qatar Football Association (QFA) and the Asian Football Federation (AFC), concluded at Al Sadd Sporting Club.

The closing ceremony was attended by Fahad Thani, Director of Development Department, QFA, and Abdul Qader Al-Moghasib, an accredited lecturer at the AFC.

Fahad Thani said in his closing remarks: “We believe in the importance of developing trainers because the coach is an essential element in the process of development and upgrading the game of football. This course was characterized by its richness in theory and practice with the participation of football stars with international experience.”

He added: “Madjid Bougherra and Khalid Zekeba featured in the course, spreading their vast knowledge and experience of playing, competing and coaching at the professional level. Their experience was clearly an added feature for the participants at the training course.”

Fahad Thani concluded: “The QFA appreciates your efforts to boost the game in this manner. QFA will continue to host such training sessions. We thank AFC, Abdul Qader Al-Mughaseeb and assistant lecturer Captain Abdulrahman Saeed for their efforts to conduct this successful training course.”

Fahad Thani later handed over certificates to the participating candidates.

AFC lecturer Al-Mughaseeb said: “The AFC is pleased join hands with QFA to conduct this training course. We are training the next generation of coaches and trainers. These courses are massively important for a region like the Middle East where football is the number one sport.”

He added: “We thank QFA for hosting us and taking the game of football forward in this fashion.”

Former Algerian team captain Bougherra said: “This was an important milestone for the ones who featured in this training course. The theoretical and practical sessions were very important and well constructed. I think QFA is moving in the right direction by hosting such courses. I thank QFA and AFC for conducting this course.”