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22.03.2014 5:53 in :

DOHA: Aspetar will host a cutting-edge conference designed to provide practical, scientific advice that will enable athletes to continue performing at their peak in the summer months. The two-day conference, taking place from 23 to 24 March, is entitled, ‘Training & Competing in the Heat’.

Dr Khalifa Al Kuwari, Director General of Aspetar, said: “We are swiftly approaching the summer and, with temperatures set to soar, this is a very timely event. Our overarching mission aim at Aspetar is to enable athletes to achieve their full potential, and finding solutions to training in the heat is just another step towards fulfilling this goal.”.

Dr Al Kuwari continued, “This conference will enable discussion between participants as well serve as a platform for world-class practitioners to collaborate and develop heat acclimatisation research collectively”.

The conference is bringing together a range of sport scientists, coaches and athletes from around the world, including experts from Canada, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States. Discussions will centre around topics including ‘Cardiovascular Responses during Exercise in the Heat’, ‘Training in the Heat’, and ‘Cooling and Hydration Strategies’.

Commenting on the upcoming conference, Dr Hakim Chalabi, Acting Chief Medical Officer at Aspetar and Executive Director of National Sports Medicine Programme, said: “A range of major sporting events take place every year in the summer months, and often, in very hot conditions. The rising temperature can put a lot of stress on the body, so this conference aims to translate existing laboratory-based findings into practical solutions”.

Part of Aspetar’s mandate is also to further sports medicine research. The hospital regularly hosts, and attends, international conferences, bringing together world-class practitioners in the field. Previous highlights include presenting a forum at the London 2012 Olympics, hosting an Altitude Training and Team Sports Conference.