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09.02.2014 0:06 in :

DOHA: To mark the start of Aspire Zone Foundation’s National Sport Day celebrations, more than 50 of Qatar’s top public figures will be joining forces on Monday afternoon to cycle their way to victory and generate enough power to illuminate the Torch-Doha Hotel.

Aspire Zone is encouraging Doha’s residents to join ministers, senior state officers and other public figures at 4pm to cheer on the athletes, who will each be peddling one of 50 stationary bikes.

Aspire Zone Foundation, through its member-organizations Aspire Academy, Aspetar and Aspire Logistics, has organized more than a dozen innovative sports events that thousands of residents and fans of all ages will be able to enjoy on Tuesday.
These include the Fun Race, organized by Aspire Logistics. Last year, the 4 kilometer race attracted more than two thousand participants and, this year, Aspire is expecting even more to join the event.