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23.11.2014 22:08 in :

RIYADH: Qatar Football Association (QFA) President Sheikh Hamad bin
Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani on Sunday lauded the planning of coach
Djamel Belmadi who planned Oman’s downfall in the Gulf Cup semifinal.

Qatar on Sunday won 3-1 at King Fahd International Stadium to seal a
place in the final set to be played on November 26.

“We have achieved our goal of reaching the final and it has a lot to
do with the way the coach planned for this game. Belmadi conducted his
planning really well,” QFA President said.

“We wanted to play one game at a time and we have done well,” he added.

“God Willing we will go all the way,” QFA President said.

He said Qatar players needed to remain focussed and give their best in
the final.

QFA President said fans needed to step up and support their team.