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05.01.2014 10:28 in :

DOHA: Qatar coach Djamal Belmadi is certain his team can secure the win needed on Tuesday to become WAFF champions after seeing his team beaten Kuwait 3-0 in the semi-final.

“It was a tough match, as you expect to see in the semi-final,” said Qatar coach Djamal Belmadi.

“It was a good game. I am very happy to win the game as we were playing against a team which is difficult to beat. They play a deep game and give less space to their rivals,” he added.

Commenting over the extra-time goals, he said, “We knew we will have our chances in the later part of the game. Tough, they came a bit late… in the extra-time… but a win is a win,” he said.

“I am happy with the boys’ performances as they are improving with each game. We have conceded only one goal in the tournament till now. We have a strong defence and hopefully we will put up another good show in the final,” he said.