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26.11.2013 23:54 in :

KUALA LUMOUR, MALYASIA: FIFA president Sepp Blatter has once again channeled his support for Qatar 2022 when he gave a speech to Asian Football Confederation members in Malaysia at the AFC awards on Tuesday.

It is not fair when the international media, and especially European media, are taking up the focus of an Arab country … by attacking, attacking, criticizing this country. We are defending it,” Blatter told delegates.

“We have taken a decision to play a World Cup in the Arabic world and we have taken the decision to play in Qatar and we will go and play this … in 2022 in Qatar.” The comments drew applause from members and AFC president Sheikh Salman bin Al Khalifa agreed with Blatter’s stance.

He said media had been unfair to Qatar as he made an impassioned defense of the event, he also blamed European construction companies after Amnesty International said migrant workers at World Cup venues were not being treated in an ideal manner”.