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24.12.2013 10:30 in :

Dubai: Asian refereeing stalwart General Farouk Bouzo has called on Asian referees to put in double effort in order to be best at their game.

The Syrian, who was Chairman of the AFC Referees Committee for more than two decades, shared his experience as FIFA and AFC referee and refereeing Instructor in a session at a refereeing seminar in Dubai held for referees and assistant referees from the West and Central regions of Asia.

As referee, he officiated in many top matches in his country and also in top-level FIFA matches with the last one being the 1978 FIFA World Cup in Argentina between Mexico and West Germany.

When he was a FIFA/AFC instructor, he visited various countries to conduct refereeing courses and comparing the present times to that of the past, he has shown appreciation for what the FC is doing now to ensure the best available facilities for the match officials.

“The AFC is very serious about referees’ education and has prepared many programmes to ensure that you are not left out in getting the best teaching techniques and materials,” he said.

“The course participants should appreciate and enjoy being in the course and learn as much as possible. With this learning, your skills and knowledge will increase and your performance in the field of play will be enhanced.

“The instructors will be showing incident of mistakes made by other referees and as referees, we have to learn from these mistakes and not to commit the same when you officiate at any matches.

“The instructors at the practical sessions will simulate incidents that had happened in the field of play and from here, the referees have to learn and take the appropriate decisions as guided by the instructors.