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31.12.2018 12:13 in :

DOHA: The Development Department of the Qatar Football Association (QFA), in cooperation with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), successfully conducted a two-week C-Level Coaching Workshop with the participation of 25 students.

Fahd Thani, Director of the Development Department, QFA, was present at the closing ceremony as was Dr. Tarek Al Jalahmah, lecturer in the course, and assistant lecturers Raad Abdul Latif, Abdul Rahman Saeed and Dr. Mohammad Jado.

Fahd Thani delivered a speech on behalf of His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, President of QFA, and members of the Executive Committee of QFA.

“I would like to thank the Asian Football Confederation for the approval of this workshop. I would also like to thank the Qatar Football Association for organizing this course in an effort to tutor trainers and obtain the highest training certificates in football. This is all being done for the development of football in this country,” Fahad Thani said.

The QFA Director stressed on the participants on the need to complete thorough research before going for higher level courses. He pointed out that the training profession is tough and progress of individuals depends on the ability of the trainer to show efficiency and diligence.

Fahad Thani linked the development of football with good coaching with outstanding minds who rely on their ideas, philosophy and experience that could be used during workshops.

Dr. Tarek Al-Jalahmah thanked QFA and the Development Department of QFA “for making every effort to ensure the success of the course and for creating a platform that helps the participants”.

He pointed out that such “workshops alone do not make a successful coach, but practical application on the ground provided for better experience.”