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TEHRAN, IRAN: After watching his team lose 0-2 to Iran in the

final round of qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup on

Thursday, Qatar coach Jose Carreno was left ruing individual

errors in the closing stages of the match to deny Qatar a thoroughly

deserved better result.

For most of the match in Tehran, the hosts were second best to


“I can only say that I’m sorry for the defeat, we will be better in

our next games,” said Qatar coach Jose Daniel Carreno. “We had

a good match, the teams were aware of one another’s strengths

and weaknesses.

“Both teams had limited space to play in as we knew each other

very well. They were seeking to score from high crosses but we

didn’t allow them to do so. However we conceded a goal by making

an individual mistake.

“It was a difficult and tight game. From where I watched the game,

Iran’s first goal seemed to be scored from an offside position. But

we made a bad mistake, our goalkeeper played the ball very bad. As

it appeared to me the player who scored the first goal was offside.

However the referee was in a better position and certainly made the

right decision.”

Qatar will next take on Uzbekistan on September 6, a win will propel

Al Annabi in the fray for a place in Russia ‘’We have now closed the

book on tonight’s match, we must now focus on our next game with

Uzbekistan, playing at home will hopefully help us to perform to our

standards, but in order to get there, we have to give it all we got in

the coming days to be fully prepared when game day comes’’, he