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09.05.2022 13:48 in :

The Executive Office of the Qatar Football Association issued its Decision No. (9) dated 27/4/2022 regarding the approval of the establishment of the Central Scouting Team (CST), with its main objective being developing the competitiveness of the QNB Stars League by providing the services of helping recruit coaches and overseas players for first and second division clubs, based on their capabilities and actual market values.

This will include supporting the application of financial control regulations by evaluating clubs’ requests for concluding and renewing contracts or selling or terminating contracts with overseas players and coaching staff and providing technical recommendations to the Financial Control Committee.

The responsibility of the CST is to support the clubs by giving their technical opinion only, while the full responsibility of selecting the players/coaches falls on the management of the club, without any interference from any other party.

The CST will be a central committee that operates under the umbrella of the Qatar Stars League, with a mandate from the Qatar Football Association and the Professional Players Committee, aiming to assist in developing the competitiveness of the QNB Stars League.

The CST will also evaluate the requests of first and second division clubs regarding the conclusion and renewal of contracts, selling or termination of contracts with overseas players and coaching staff, and will give its recommendations from a technical point of view, along with the actual value as per global and local markets, in a professional manner to the Financial Control Committee.

The duties of the CST are based on supporting clubs to form the best possible football teams according to well thought out and professional foundations and rules, which contribute to high-quality, competitive football through the provision of overseas players and coaching staff.