Coach Sanchez takes positives from loss

Malacca, Malaysia: Qatar coach Felix Sanchez on Thursday
said his players provided flashes of brilliance in their 3-1
loss to Syria.

Sanchez, who is the interim coach, said: “There is no doubt
that the loss was painful, especially as we fought bravely. As
a team we wanted to qualify but we could not.”

He added: “This is football. Sometimes you win, at times you

“We certainly faced a strong team which was able to deliver
a good performance.

“We got the equalizer through a good move. We exploited
some openings also. We could have done better but overall
there were positives,” Sanchez said.

The Qatar coach praised Syria team.

“They played well. I congratulate them on this win. We wish
them well,” he said.

Sanchez said Qatar must look to the future.

“The loss is not the end. Our team has many promising
players. We can form a quality said for the 2022 World
Cup,” Sanchez said.

“We have 2019 Asian Cup and other assignments in our
plans. We will work hard. We will build a strong side,” the
coach said.

Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the region’s first.

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