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20.01.2016 22:36 in :

DOHA: Defender Ahmed Yassirsaid on Wednesday he was feeling
confident ahead of Qatar’s home quarterfinal against North Korea at
the AFC U-23.

Home side Qatar stormed into the quarterfinals after posting wins
against China (3-1), Iran (2-1) and Syria (4-2).

“The level of football we have played has been good,” Musaab said. “I
am sure we will carry forward this kind of form in our next clash,” he

“To reach the semi-finals, we have to win this game,” he said.

“I want to take this opportunity and say ‘thank you’ to our fans. They
have come out in large numbers.

“All teams feel good when they are supported by their fans,” Yassirsaid.

“I hope they turn out in large number on Friday also,” he said.

“We want to reach the football competition at the Olympic Games.

That’s our target,” he said.

“What we have to do is play with great concentration. We have prepared
well,” he said.

“A collective team effort can take us all the way,” he said.