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PARIS: Qatari capital Doha will create European history on December 22
when it stages the Italian Super Cup final between Juventus and

This was confirmed at a news conference attended by Qatar Football
Association (QFA) Vice President Saud Al Mohannadi and chief of Serie
A Maurizio Beretta.

Juventus won the Super Cup last season by beating Lazio 4-0 in Rome.

The event, played between the reigning champions of the Italian League
and Coppa Italia, usually kicks off the season in the country, but it
is being postponed this time around due to the World Cup.


Beijing had hosted three of the last five tournaments, but the teams
were not willing to travel to the East Asian venue in December.

After the crowd trouble in the Coppa Italia final between Napoli and
Fiorentina, Rome’s Olympic Stadium was ruled out as a neutral venue.

According to details the match will be played on December 22 in Doha,
when the weather is pleasant, and the country hosts many European

Juventus would be making a record 10th appearance in the Super Cup’s
27th edition and seeking a record seventh triumph.