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23.02.2015 9:16 in :

DOHA: The Referees Committee of the Qatar Football Association (QFA
has begun a key lecture series aimed at improving refereeing at local
and international levels, it emerged on Sunday.

The Referees Committee which kicked off a series of discussions will
remain in meeting until January 7, officials said.

Further discussions will revolve around teaching new techniques in
match officiating, referees Management Executive Director, Naji Jowaini pointed out.

A number of videos will also be played to study certain situations
during high profile matches, the official added.

The panel of referees will undergo physical training, attend lectures
and make time for fitness drills needed to sharpen their.

Naji Jowaini who is heading the group said the experience of
attending the lectures would help the Qatari referees in
the ongoing football season.

QFA regularly holds such workshops for its officials a number of times
every season.