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DOHA: The Emir Cup trophy tour is continuing across the country with great success as Qatar’s most popular football tournament reaches the final stages.

In a recent episode of the highly successful Emir Cup trophy tour, a delegation from the Qatar Football Association (QFA) was received at the Establishments and Authorities Security Department headquarters.

The Department of National Security at the Ministry of Interior laid out the plans for QFA, confirming fool-proof arrangements for the Emir Cup final to be played on May 19 at the iconic Khalifa International Stadium.

The Emir Cup recently was announced as an event for the people of Qatar in a show of solidarity with the leadership of the country and the common man’s love of football.

The QFA delegation was led by Khalid Mubarak Al Kuwari, Director of the Marketing and Communication.

The delegation included representatives of the Marketing and Communication Department, Fadala Al Fadalah, Abdulrahman Abdul Jabbar and Nabil Qaid as well as star players from Al Rayyan (Soud Farhan and Mousa Haroun), Al Gharafa (Ahmed Ala’a) and (Ismaeel Mohammed) Al Duhail football teams.

Amongst those who welcomed the QFA delegation were Brigadier Ali Khajim Al Adhbi, Director of Establishments and Authorities Security Department, Captain Mubarak Bilal Al Ali and Captain Burhan Saleh Turki from Stadia security. Khalid Al Kuwari presented a replica of the Emir Cup trophy to the Establishments and Authorities Security Department as of token of gratitude for the department’s role in the success of the Emir Cup over the years.

“Fool-proof security is a must at all top international sports events and the Emir Cup final is one such event in Qatar,” Al Kuwari said on Wednesday.

“We are pleased that we have the backing of the most competent security authorities in Qatar for the Emir Cup final,” he added.

The QFA officials and the Ministry of Interior delegation continued the discussions for a lengthy period of time before announcing the details.

Al Kuwari said: “At the outset, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to Brigadier General Ali Khajim Al Adhbi for his team’s continuous efforts to secure the high profile football clash.”

He added: “Our common goal is to stage the event in a glorious manner and with all vistas of security fully in place. That’s the objective when we talk of the Emir Cup final.”

The QFA official further added: “Security at top events is no less a science nowadays. The QFA and the Ministry of Interior are on one page for this final.”

Al Kuwari said: “As the countdown to the Emir Cup final approaches, we are pleased to invite all citizens and residents to come to the Khalifa International Stadium and spend an extraordinary evening in a spectacular Ramadan atmosphere for the final on May 19th. The Emir Cup final will impress the fans and the participation of families and children will add splendour to the occasion.”

For his part, Brigadier Ali Khajim expressed his happiness over his team’s cooperation ahead of the Emir Cup final.

“This will be the end of the regular sports season and all eyes will be on the Emir Cup final. We are fully aware of the magnitude of this event. Our job is to ensure the safety of the guests, players and officials on May 19,” he said.

“Ours is a highly skilled job that requires the greatest amount of tactical nuance and preparation. We feel proud to be associated with this event,” he said.

He explained: “Stadium security means the protection of the public, the safety of sports facilities as well as the security of competing athletes and officials. We also provide security around the dignitaries who may attend various sports events.”

The Emir Cup semifinals are played at Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium (Al Sadd Sports Club) on May 11 and 12 at 7 pm.