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11.05.2016 2:21 in :

DOHA: The Emir Cup Trophy Tour made a stop for the first time

ever at the Asian Communities Football Tournament (ACFT)

semi-finals that took place in QFA’s Football Development Department

pitches in which the Lebanon, India, Jordan and Nepal’s communities’

football teams were competing to qualify for the final.

The Trophy Tour, which is set to visit more than one spot in the lead

up to the final match aims to thank the different communities who

have supported the Emir Cup and QFA immensely in the past, and

reinforces QFA’s objective which seeks to encourage all communities

in Qatar to play more football.

The final match of ACFT will see the Indian community football

team competing against the Nepalese community football team.

In its’ fourth edition, the tournament this year witness the participation

of 12 Asian communities from across Qatar.

Organised by the QFA, this tournament is one of the many events that

are organised to run along the period of this year’s Emir Cup and acts

as a way to excite the fans ahead of the Emir Cup final match.

Additionally, QFA recognises the Asian communities’ enthusiasm

towards attending the Emir Cup matches and thus is constantly

aiming to involve all Asian communities who are loyal fans of the

most prestigious tournament in Qatar.

Following the Trophy Tour at the ACFT, the Trophy Tour made a

stop at the QIA Indian Tournament which took place in Doha Stadium

in which thousands of fans cheered to welcome the trophy.

Tournament officials thanked the QFA for their support of the

tournament and for involving the Indian community in the

Emir Cup Trophy Tour.