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20.10.2016 22:53 in :

DOHA: Fahad Thani, QFA’s Director of Development, has held
wide-ranging talks with coaches and representatives of clubs to chart
our new plans for the development of youth football in the country.

Fahad Thani said he would be studying the ideas brought up during his
meetings and he said communications lines will remain open right
throughout the season as Qatar – host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup –
aims at improving junior football.

He urged the club representatives to engage with with junior players
at all levels, helping them get exposure of top quality coaching and
training methods.

He noted that football clubs ‘play a vital role’ in shaping the
player-base of any country.

Fahad Thani – who has coached Qatar’s senior side and the junior
outfits in the last few years – said Qatar would continue to focus on
grassroots of the game in the country.

He underlined the importance of engaging the junior players at the
clubs so ‘that they understand the demands of top-flight football’ at
a young age.

Fahad Thani also stressed the need to improve the communication
between players, their parents and coaches at clubs.

He said the 18 registered clubs will be divided into two groups of 10
and 8 respectively to work constructively on developing youth

Fahad Thani said clubs that do not meet the criteria set by QFA will
be penalized.