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06.05.2014 3:24 in :

DOHA: The Qatar leg of ‘Football Five’s World Championship’ kicks off in Doha.

Qatar Lubricants Co, in collaboration with Qatar Football Association and Legacy Sports/Duplays Doha, kicked off the preliminary qualifying round for F5WC – five-a-side football tournament – at Pitches 6 & 7 of Aspire Zone.

With over 100 teams already signed up from around Qatar, the F5WC is the first opportunity of its kind for amateur football players to showcase their talent through regional five-a-side qualifying rounds to then compete in the Dubai 2014 finals. The event aims to find undiscovered talent and gives a platform for professional football clubs to scout and sign this talent. Qatar Lubricants Co. is the official sponsor for the Championship in Qatar – duly supported by QFA for supplying the official referees for all matches and Legacy Sports/Duplays Doha as the organisers for the event.

With senior representatives from all the organizations present and 64 teams geared up to take centre stage, the first round of the championship began at 4 pm and finished at 10.00 pm. 64 teams played in 16 groups of 4 teams. Each team played 3 matches, ultimately giving them a chance to be amongst the 16 finalists that will be chosen from each group to compete in the final.