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17.05.2015 11:25 in :

DOHA: Families are having the ‘time of their lives’ as Emir Cup
festivities hit fever pitch, according to schoolchildren and parents
attending promotional activities.

Ibrahim Khater said he was ‘pleased to be at MIA Park where QFA had
arranged for fun activities for the entire family’.

Khater said: “It’s not just our kids. We are happy to see kids from
other communities also turn up.”

He added: “It’s just fabulous being there at the activities. There are
Kids Fun areas. There is something for everybody.”

Emir Cup programs have been held at Landmark, Villaggio, City Centre
and the Laguna Mall.

QFA said fun activities will continue until the end of the Emir Cup.

Event sponsors Ooredoo and Fifty One East have also erected kiosks for kids.