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BRUSSELS, BELGUIM:A Forum on Sport Integrity, held today at the European Parliament, has given its backing to the forthcoming Council of Europe convention on match fixing.

Currently being drawn up, the convention, which will be a major step forward for Europe and around the world, was presented as part of a call, led by the ICSS, the Council of Europe and SorbonneUniversity,forgreater collaboration between European governments in the fight against sports-results manipulation.

The“SPORT INTEGRITY: FROM EUROPE TO ADDRESS A GLOBAL ISSUE”forum brought together leading European decision-makers and representatives from youth organisations to discuss global research and the latest findings around sport integrity.

The event highlighted a number of initiatives that can and will be introduced to safeguard the integrity of sport, alongside the introduction of the Council of Europe convention on match fixing which, for the first time, will provide legally-binding standards for governments across Europe and potentially beyond.

ICSS President Mohammed Hanzabstated: “With the alarming growth of sports-results manipulation and breaches to sport integrity recently emerging in the UK and Australia, today’s forum at the European Parliament has provided many decision makers from the world of sport and government, as well as representatives of youth organisations, with the opportunity to discuss match fixing and draw attention to the effect on civil liberty when the integrity of sport is violated. As two of the most serious topics currently facing sport, it was important to raise awareness and ensure the international community work together to solve these issues.