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12.02.2015 23:51 in :

DOHA: The Qatar Football Association (QFA) on Thursday made key

decisions regarding matters relating to players’ rights and respecting


It was announced that a player’s contract would be deemed terminated

for ‘just cause’ in case the club fails to pay the player for 60 days.

If a player does not get paid on time, he has the right to notify the

club of the negligence and can demand payment ‘within a period of 10


A final five-day notice will be a prelude to effectively terminating the contract

without any consequences.

This has been stated clearly in Article No. (28) of the Rules of and

regulations of the QFA charter, details revealed on Thursday.

Other details revealed that QFA just like any football authority

falling under the FIFA umbrella and International Court of Arbitration

for Sport – must and should honour payment to players through their


The latest allowances made by QFA comes after a number of players all

around the world faced similar problems over lack of contractual


According to QFA, it ‘will make every effort to ensure the players’

rights are protected and that there is no case of delayed payment’.