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15.09.2013 12:26 in :

DOHA: The increase in the number of clubs taking part in the new Qatar Stars League (QSL) will improve the quality of the players and overall infrastructure, Qatar Football Association (QFA) President said on Saturday.

This season the QSL roster has added two more teams to last season’s tally of 12 sides.

“We have given this move considerable thought,” Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Ahmed Al Thani, the QFA president, said in an interview a day after the new QSL season kicked-off on Friday.

“The improvement in quality of the players means the standard if the national team players would go up too,” he added.

“We have infinite possibilities to improve our game so why not increase the number of the sides,” the QFA president said. “I am delighted to see two more teams in QSL now.”

“The competition as it is very tough,” Sheikh Hamad said. “I can assure you it won’t be easy for the new teams to stake a claim to be the best sides. They will have to fight with other teams,” he explained.

“More teams mean more players to choose from for the national side,” Sheikh Hamad pointed out.

“Good players showing good form would win a place in the national squad. It is as simple as that. To be good and to be in good form means one has to play quality football and that’s what we are trying to provide – quality football,” Sheikh Hamad said.

“I expect the standard of play to be tough. Fourteen sides mean football getting better quality,” he said to a question.