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12.04.2016 1:02 in :

DOHA: A referees workshop backed by world governing body FIFAwas commencedin Doha on Monday.

Candidates who are likely to officiate during 2018 FIFA World Cup matches are expected to feature at the workshop along with scores of other local and international participants.

‎The workshop lastsfrom April 11 to 15, QFA said.

Referee candidates who will appear at the Women’s World Cup in France in 2019 arealso in attendance.

The workshop istaking place at Hotel Inter-Continental Doha.

Qatar’s Abdulrahman Al Jassem will join officials from AFC and African referees at the workshop which will feature lectures and video sessions.

QFA is confident Qatari referees will stand to gain a lot from the high profile workshop.

QFA’s Naji Jouniwill be one of the key speakers at the workshop. FIFA’s Nanuel Navarro will also be in attendance along with Mustafa Murad.

Ways to improve referee fitness and other related topics will be discussed in detail‎, it emerged on Monday.