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21.12.2015 2:27 in :

DOHA: Top sports officials including President of Qatar Football
Association (QFA) Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Thani featured
in a one-day workshop held to highlight the formation of Qatar’s Court
of Arbitration for Sport.

Salman Al Ansari, Head of Qatar Players Association, and chiefs of
sports federations in Qatar also featured at the workshop called in to
explain the formation of the new body.

Sheikh Hamad said the three-year body has been established in line
with sports rules practiced by FIFA and Court of Arbitration for Sport
in Laussane.

He added: “We are working through this project to create an
independent body that will look after the interests of professionals
athletes. We believe that such a project will contribute to improving
the environment of sports in the country and raise the level of

He concluded that Qatar’s Court of Arbitration for Sport will be the
first body of its kind providing justice and safeguarding the
interests of the athletes. He said he has urged other countries in the
region to follow suit.

EttoreMazzilli, Director of Legal Affairs, QFA, gave a detailed
explanation of the structure of the court and the way they work and
how to interested parties could join the body.

The Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (AGM) of Qatar Olympic
Committee (QOC) decided in November to approve the establishment of
Qatar’s Court of Arbitration for Sport.

QFA also received the support of QOC, Qatar Stars League (QSL) and the
players association to form the apex sports body.