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22.03.2016 0:11 in :

MALAGA, Spain: Ivory Coast beat Qatar 3-2 in an international

friendly on Monday.

Qatar juniors, coached by Oscar Cano, is currently training in

Malaga in preparation for this year’s AFC U-19 Asian ‎Cup to be

held in Bahrain.

Muwafaq Awad and Bassam Hisham scored for Qatar in the

first half.

Qatar will now play against Costa Rica on March 23.

Cano’s boys last month held a training camp in Morocco.

Cano headed the squad during a similar training camp in

Morocco in February.

Qatar are the defending Asian champions having won the

tournament in October 2014.

Squad: Mohammed Al Mogseeb, Ahmad Fahd, Kamal Hatem, Ghassan

Ali,‎Hussein Issa, Meshaal, Abdul Rehman, Nasser, Ismail, Mohammed

Walid,‎Mohammed Ali, Suhaim, Abdul Ibrahim, Naeem Wadan, Khamis

Saad Khalifa, Khaled, Bakri Mohammed, Ahmed Hassan, Halim, Hassan

Syed Mohammad,Bassam Munir, Khaled Fahmi, Abdul Rahman Ibrahim,

Meshaal, Tariq Abdullah Ilyas and Ahmed Hazem Ahmed.

Coach: Oscar Cano