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Doha:  The Seminar for FIFA Referee Technical & Fitness Instructors concluded today Friday 23 February and witnessed the attendance of 100 FIFA Technical and Fitness Instructors from around the world.

Organised by FIFA and hosted by the Qatar Football Association (QFA), the seminar’s objective is to prepare the technical and fitness instructors for the FIFA refereeing activities in 2018. The seminar is based on teach the teacher concept as the instructors will be able to transfer the knowledge they have learned during the seminar back to their respective countries and regions and help develop the referees.

The seminar aimed to update the referee instructors with the latest teaching materials, fitness data and results, and enhance their knowledge on fitness and technical training and referees’ evaluation.

Instructors took part in theoretical and practical sessions to improve their knowledge, share ideas and expertise, and study the latest trends in the refereeing world, to achieve a uniform interpretation and application of the Laws of the Game in their respective regions.

On Tuesday, 20 February, the instructors also attended AFC Champions League match Al Sadd vs. Persepolis at Al Sadd Stadium to assess the referees and assistant referees of the match.

Practical training sessions with players and referees involving integrated exercises for referees and assistant referees were also held at Qatar Sports Club throughout the week.

The closing ceremony was held at the InterContinental Hotel Doha and was attended by Hani Ballan, Vice Chairman of FIFA Referees’ Committee, Chairman of AFC Referees’ Committee, and Chairman of QFA Referees’ Committee, Massimo Busacca, Director of the FIFA Refereeing Department, Neji Jouini, Executive Director of the Referees Committee at QFA, Manuel Navarro, Deputy Head of Refereeing at FIFA, and Abdullah Hamed Al Mulla, Qatar Sport Club’s Secretary General.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Hani Ballan, Vice Chairman of FIFA Referees’ Committee, Chairman of AFC Referees’ Committee, and Chairman of QFA Referees’ Committee said: “On behalf of QFA, I would like to thank you all and thank FIFA for giving the trust and opportunity to Qatar and QFA not only to organise the last seminar that we are concluding tonight, but also to organise the first three we held throughout the month. We are honoured and privileged to organise such esteemed courses. It has been a pleasure to have you in Qatar. I was standing here five days ago and as I expected you have gone through a lot of hard work, done a lot of contributions and showed real expertise and professionalism. It doesn’t come naturally; it comes because you have big responsibilities in the future.”

“I can remember one quote that says great people are those that make ordinary people make extraordinary things. In our refereeing world, we always look for greatness, we expect from our referees to be great. They can only be great, and achieve their goals and objectives. They can only make us feel comfortable when they go and perform their abilities during the World Cup. When we take a young referee, give him or her knowledge, the experience and expertise and see what he has become, this is when we know how great we are.”

“Refereeing is thinking, if we look at how much referees have developed, we are quite envious of everything they experience. But this is because they are our diamonds and we need to protect them. We protect them by being knowledgeable, fair, transparent, and being the people they can come and talk to. We have to have humility, to teach the smallest referee of the important knowledge they need. We all want the referees to be better than us. We want them to succeed. They are more important than us; they are the most important product for us. At the end of the day, they will be the ones who will suffer the stress and pressure on the FOP. They will be the ones who will need to deal with the media, and take the pressure away from us.”

“I want to congratulate you; I have seen how much work you have done on and off the field of play. And I have seen how much you want to learn. The question now is, what do we want to do after leaving Qatar? Are we going to sit and relax? Or do we want to transfer our knowledge to our confederations and countries? I wish you all the best, I wish you a successful year ahead which I’m sure with the high quality of expertise we have, you will perform with the best of your abilities. We at FIFA are here for you and we will support you the best way we can.”

Massimo Busacca, FIFA’s Director of Refereeing said at the closing ceremony: “I want to thank you Hani for your important speech. We had four big events here in Qatar. This is the fourth event and again, we want to really thank QFA for organising these big events.

Everything went smoothly without any problems. We are in a country of football and referees. So they know what an organisation like FIFA needs to organise a seminar as such.”

“The first priority is not to ask for the best hotel, three meals a day, which are important, but the most important elements for our seminars are the logistics, distance between training venue and the hotel, medical centres and other facilities. We had optimum conditions here in Qatar. Having professional Al Kass television crew working with us day in, day out was crucial in the successful delivery of all of our seminars, taking into account the role of television in the future of refereeing. Without Al Kass we would not have been able to put our Referees and Instructors through real life situations.”

“I was delighted with all the invaluable local resources offered to us by Qatar Football Association and their partners. Thank you Hani (Ballan), Neji Jouini, Ahmad Al Attar and all QFA staff and special thanks to Badr (Bilal) and his Al Kass colleagues, all of whom helped us here. And a big “shokran” to the General Secretary of Qatar Sports Club – Abdullah Hamad Al Mulla – for providing us with the full use of their stadium in the last three weeks. I also thank my own staff, Manuel (Navarro) and Dominic (Chielens), for their excellent contribution towards the organisation of these seminars.”

The Seminar for FIFA Referee Technical & Fitness Instructors is the fourth and last seminar organised by FIFA and hosted by the QFA in Qatar this month.
Previous workshops that were held in Qatar at the beginning of the month include the FIFA Technical Experts’ Workshop 2018 (30 January-2 February), the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Candidate Referees Seminar (5-9 February), and Referee Candidate Seminar for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019™ (12-16 February).