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DOHA: Qatar Football association General Secretary and the AFC U23 Championship Qatar 2016 Local Organizing Committee Chief Executive Officer Mr. Mansoor Al Ansari assurted that this tournament the second biggest and most important AFC event as he said: “We have started the preparations since we were awarded the right to host the competitions. QFA has a huge and distinguished record and history in hosting major football events.”

Al Ansari pointed out to the fact that the Local Organizing Comiitee is working under the umbrella (auspics) of the QFA which consists of various departments. He said: “The Local Organizing Committee of the young Qatari staff gaining the necessary and required experience, noting that the Integration and harmony is the basic characteristic of the working group inside the local organizing committee, which consists of several bodies are: Ministry of Youth & Sports, ministry of Interiors, Qatar Olympic Committee, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Qatar Football Association, Qatar Stars League Management, Aspire and Aspetar, indicating that the meetings and coordination is ongoing between the Local Organizing Committee and the AFC officials who expressed their satisfaction for the preparations, arrangements and general management.”

Al Ansari continued: “We always seeks the best and in the same time we benefit from the mistakes and errors.”

The LOC CEO added: “Everyone are partners in the organizational success of the AFC U23 Championship Qatar 2016. There are huge full cooperation from all departments in order to deliver the Asian event as required and necessary, and we are always accustomed when we organize a tournament to be a world-class special, but at the same time, this does not mean we have to marinate in the simplest gaps.

Al Ansari stressed on the fact that the official attendance during the current edition is way higher than the first one held in Oman.

Commenting on whether there are some remarks or comments from the participating team delegations, Al Ansari said: “There are specific rules and regulations as well as requirements determined by the AFC, which we adhere and follow, i.e. the LOC is cooperating with all teams.”

Mansoor Al Ansari spoke about Al Annabi and their qualification to the quarterfinal round by saying: “We are so happy with such qualification to the next round, however the coming games are tougher. We are looking forward to taking our national team even further stressing on the prominent performance and results of the team.”

Al Ansari valued the vital role of Aspire by saying: “There is partnership between us and Aspire; hence we would to express our thanks and appreciations for this important contribution to the success of the tournament. We are seeking with them more development of the age categories players.