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15.11.2016 11:44 in :

DOHA: The Marketing Committee of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation
(AGCFF) met in Doha on Monday under the chairmanship of Mohammed Al



Jassim Al Rumahi, Secretary General of the AFCFF, was also present as
were a number of committee members.

The meeting discussed a number of important matters pertaining to the
marketing of the AGCFF, which is headed by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa
bin Ahmed Al Thani, President of the Qatar Football Association (QFA).

The AGCFF will organize the Gulf Cup championships, club tournaments

and football clinics around the region.

“We have achieved a fair amount of success in our first meeting,” Al Nuayasar

said on Monday.

“We saw great enthusiasm from the members and their plans to take football

forward were very well received by all those who attended the meeting,” he


Officials from Iraq and Yemen will also be part of future meetings, it emerged

on Monday.

The key points from the meeting will be extended to the Executive Committee

of AGCFF, it was confirmed on Monday.

“The Marketing Committee is one of the most important committees at any

sports body. This financial arm of AGCFF is considered the engine of AFGCC.

I would say we are moving in the right direction,” Al Nuaysar said.

“I appreciate the role of QFA in assisting us during this meeting. The AGCFF

is grateful for all the support it gets in Qatar,” he said.