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30.11.2019 16:09 in :

Zurich, Switzerland: Qatar has moved up two places to return to 55th position in the monthly ranking issued by FIFA for November.

The Annabis, who are the reigning Asian Cup champions, are currently competing at the 24th Arab Gulf Cup.

Tunisia topped the rankings of Arab teams, where it ranked 27th in the world with 1506 points while Algeria ranked second and 35 in the world with 1482 points.

Morocco is in third place and 43rd in the world with 1457 points.

In Asia, Japan led with 28 points in the world with 1500 points, followed by Iran, then South Korea, Australia and Qatar.

The top ten teams are Belgium 1765 points; world champions France (1733 points); Brazil 1712 points; England 1661 points; Uruguay 1645 points; Croatia 1642 points; Portugal 1639 points; Spain 1636 points; Argentina 1623 points and Colombia 1622 points.