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DOHA: Qatar coach Fahad Thani addressed dozens of local media personalities
during a lecture aimed at teaching the finer points of football tactical analysis.

The lecture was organized on the sidelines of the on-going WAFF
Football Championship hosted by Qatar Football Association (QFA).

One of the key points explained by Fahad was the playing techniques
adopted by certain national and top clubs. He also made specific
mention of the use of statistics in football at all levels.

Fahad said getting the facts right and using them appropriately ahead
of games to form tactics can help teams win football matches.

Fahad also emphasised the role of media which – he pointed out – must
rely on facts rather than speculation.

The Qatar coach also fielded questions from the attendees and provided
‘informative answers’, according to a few listeners.

At the end of the program, QFA officials and Fahad handed over
certificates to those who attended the lecture.