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11.03.2015 5:44 in :

MANAMA, BAHRAIN: Two goals apiece for attacking duo Amro

Mohsin and Falvio saw pre-game favorites Qatar a 4-1 victory

over Saudi Arabia in the opening round match of the 2015 GCC

Futsal Championship currently taking place in Manama, Bahrain.

Ali Sabaa produced the decisive assist as Flavio brock the deadlock

just before the interval to send Qatar into halftime with a deserved

1-0 lead.

Qatar were the more energetic side from the restart and shocked

their opponents with two quick goals just four minutes inside the

second half.

In lieu of defending their 3-0 lead by accepting play and sitting at the

back comfortably, Qatar dictated matters from end to end throughout

the match, a beautifully set up fourth goal served as the icing on the

cake to give Michal Straaz’s men the top spot in the competition ahead

of tournament’s second round.

In the other Day 1 matches, Kuwait rallied to a dramatic 6-4 win Oman,

meanwhile UAE beat hosts Bahrain 1-0.