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DOHA: Abdullah Jassim, Director of Olympic team, is confident Qatar
will perform well at the GCC Olympic Championship set to be held in
Bahrain from January 16 to 26.

Jassim said: “We are ready, yes. We have been training for quite a few
weeks. We have prepared well.”

Qatar’s ultimate goal is to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

“With coach Fahad Thani managing the show, we have a keen set of boys
ready to perform on the pitch,” Jassim said.

“This set of players will go on to supplement players for the senior
Qatar side. This is as serious as it gets when we look at our overall
football set-up,” Jassim said.

Jassim said Qatar is also preparing for important events like the
Asian Cup U22 championship to be held in Doha early next year.