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28.11.2019 12:24 in :

DOHA: Qatar has the skill and ability to win its next two matches, key defender Abdulkarim Hassan said in Thursday.

On Tuesday, Qatar lost its opening Gulf Cup match against Iraq at Khalifa International Stadium.

Hassan described the loss on Tuesday as “the ship that suffered a big storm wave at the beginning of sailing voyage”.

“Our players and coaching staff are committed to fighting it out. We are capable of sailing again. We are looking at winning the next two matches,” Hassan said defiantly at a press conference on Thursday.

“The team has good qualities and capabilities and losing the game is not the end of everything,” he added.

“The loss against Iraq imposed a new reality on the team but our commitment has to be stressed here that Annabi remains at the heart of the competition and the most important achievement for us is going to be the six points in the next two games,” Hassan said.

“The next game against Yemen is a clash in which we have to be at our best. We have to be better than how we were in the first match,” Hassan said.

“It is a tough tournament since all teams are ready to fight.

“We look forward to our next match against Yemen as the real start of the tournament for us. This does not mean that the opponent is an easy team but it is a good and developed team and losing in the first round does not mean we are under pressure. We will deal with it like any other rival team,” he added.

On Tuesday, UAE beat Yemen 3-0 in the other Group A match.

Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain are in Group B.