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15.01.2016 23:16 in :

DOHA: Qatar coach Felix Sanchez on Friday was delighted to see

the ‘fight’ from his boys after the home team beat Iran 2-1.

The closely fought Group A clash has given Qatar the top place

on day four of the AFC U-23 Championship.

“It was nice to see the players fight on the pitch,” coach Sanchez

said on Friday.

“To achieve six points from two games gives us confidence,” he

added. “No team is sure of reaching next round though,” he


“Now we are looking at the third clash. We will celebrate this win, rest

and prepare for next game,” he said.

Sanchez thanked the fans for the large turnout at Jassim Bin Hamad


“It was great to see so many fans cheering the team,” Sanchez said. “The

players enjoy such support and get good vibes during a game.”

“This is a long event. There are many matches to go. Tough teams

are here in Qatar. Thankfully I have all players at my disposal,” he


“Iran have a good side. They are physically also strong. But my

players counter-attacked well. They did not let them dominate,” he