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26.06.2022 10:21 in :

Doha – Qatar / FIFA : Our national team climbed two places in the latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking, for the month of June, which was released on Thursday, and is currently ranked 49th in the world.

Al Annabi have a tally of 1441.4 points, behind Greece in 48th place, with 1441.45 points, and above Paraguay who have 1440.13 points and are ranked 50th.

Qatar is currently fifth among both Arab and Asian countries in the latest FIFA rankings. Al Annabi is ranked after Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria as the fifth best Arab national team.

Meanwhile in Asia, the ranking was topped by Iran (23 globally), followed by Japan (24), South Korea (28), Australia (49), and Qatar (49).

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ qualifiers, UEFA Nations League, CONCACAF Nations League matches, qualifiers for the continental tournaments in Asia and Africa, and a host of friendlies were played recently, meaning that international football has been going on non-stop since the last edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking in March.

A total of 280 international matches were played during this period which had major implications for the standings: out of the 211 countries included in the world ranking, 177 had changed their rankings.

Three months after taking the first place in the FIFA / Coca-Cola world rankings from Belgium (2nd, -), Brazil (1st, -) widened the gap with their closest pursuer, while Argentina (3rd, +1) advanced to third at the expense of France (4th, -1), who have now gone four matches without a win in the UEFA Nations League.

Those who made progress among the top ten are Spain (6th, +1), the Netherlands (8th, +2) and Denmark (10th, +1), while Italy (7th, -1) and Portugal (9th, -1) went the opposite way. Mexico (12th, -3) has dropped out of the top ten altogether.

The world ranking of the top ten teams are as follows: Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, France, England, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Denmark.

Morocco is ranked 22, first in the Arab world, and second in Africa, followed by Tunisia who are in second place among Arab teams, 30th in the world and third in Africa. The ranking witnessed the decline of Egypt, who fell 8 places at once (40th).

Senegal leads Africa in the FIFA rankings, having secured 18th place in the world, with Morocco in 22nd behind them as the second best team on the continent.

Kazakhstan (114th, +11) made the biggest increase in this edition, climbing 11 places. Notable gains were also made by Cuba (167th, +10), Greece (48th, +7) and Malaysia (147th, +7).

Kosovo (106th, +1) and Comoros (126th, +2) continue to climb to reach all-time highs again.

The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on 25 August 2022.